Heirlooms. . .

Summer. . . coming to a sweet end.  Today is August 2nd. . . yes, August already.  I am busy here at the studio with Senior Portraits and beautiful family sessions.  The end of summer is always bittersweet.  It is filled with busyness preparing for the upcoming school year, trying to balance family and work, trying to enjoy the last few moments with the kids before they rush into a new prosperous (hopefully) adventure in sports, activities and academics.  But it will usher in cool fall weather, football, crisp walks in the mountains, yummy garden yields, and a return to a normal busy schedule. It is funny how time slips away from us so quickly.  I look at my own kids and see how much they have grown and changed since last year. . . or the last five years. . . or since we moved here 10 years ago on August 7th!  (yes, 10 years here already!)

Folks, time is a tricky thing.  Some days we wish away, looking forward to something in the future, some days we savor every moment, and many days, we long for time to slow down.  I urge you to look at your last family portrait.  Have you changed?  Has your family changed?  Isn't it time we update your walls with beautiful artwork of your family. . .in this moment, this glorious moment we have right here, right now?