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At Gail Carver Photography, we specialize in being a PRINT ARTIST.  It is not good enough just to have the images taken, but to fulfill the creative vision to it's final print form. 

I specialize in large wall portraits, albums, books and heirloom prints.  I custom design each session, starting with a consultation.  We cover clothing, location choices, and start thinking of final products that fit what you need.  Every one feels the need to get the portraits taken, but often fail to think about what they want to do with the final products.  I will walk you through your choices, do a custom wall design using images from your own home, and we can create a plan together of what you may want or need.

Here are some of our a few of our pricing options.  We also offer Mini Collections through out the year.  You can sign up to receive info about those here,  in our newsletter. 


Special Collections

Children Portrait of the Month Club

Newborn Sessions

Senior Sessions & Collections